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Based on the principles behind “Steps Six and Seven”, Drop the Rock combines personal stories, practical advice, and powerful insights to help listeners move forward in recovery. This time you and your group are going to be taken through the Big Book thoroughly as Joe and Charlie, Joe H., and Don P., did in the days of the old.

Without being intoxicated you can remember it better, or at all. You also get more pleasure out of it because your senses aren’t dulled by alcohol. And best of all, your performance improves because you can act with intention and even finesse. First, it tricks you into thinking you’ve solved your problem by drinking. But when the hangover wears off, your issues are still there, leading you to do it again.

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Members throughout the world live and stay sober one day at a time.. Responding to commonly asked questions such as ¿Should I go into bars? ¿ and covering popular topics such as romantic relationships in sobriety, Living Sober offers suggestions that can, over time, help alcoholics replace their old, destructive habits with new, healthier ones. Living Sober is an extremely informative book which does not offer a plan for getting sober but does offer us sound advice about how to stay sober.

  • Audio version of the Big Book on 16 CDs, in case.
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  • Over 10+ hours of audio recordings from various events over a period of 15 years.
  • But don’t worry, just think of it like building a muscle.

But don’t worry, just think of it like building a muscle. Each time you put alcohol into your body you are consuming neurotoxins that cause cancer.

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It’s even bad enough to be a first-class carcinogen. In other words, alcohol is just as cancer-causing as asbestos or cigarettes! Researchers from Boston University have found that only one 1.5 alcoholic units a day can put you at risk. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

  • Brand speaks to those suffering along the full spectrum of addiction – from drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar addictions to addictions to work, stress, bad relationships, digital media, and fame.
  • Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.
  • The App contains 10 of the total 34 audio tracks along with their text that you can read along as you listen.
  • If alcohol isn’t adding value to your life, here’s your opportunity to try on sobriety and see if it’s for you.
  • Basic, essential information from Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • In this sobriety memoir, Bryony confronts the shame and guilt of her drinking days with such honesty, that this compelling listen is near impossible to turn off.

With over nine million copies in print, this “little black book” offers daily thoughts, meditations, and prayers for living a clean and sober life. This audiobook is a spiritual resource with practical applications to fit our daily lives. Michelle Smith is the founder of Recovery is the New Black, a digital community for women living or exploring an alcohol-free life. Michelle lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children. Known as the “Big Book”, the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of people worldwide get and stay sober since the first edition appeared in 1939. Opening chapters articulate A.A.’s program of recovery from alcoholism – the original Twelve Steps – and recount the personal histories of A.A.’s co-founders, Bill W.

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Hepola narrates honestly and with humor about a very serious topic, as well as recounting the struggles she had with food which she then used as a substitute in early sobriety. Readers will be grateful that she managed to generate enough material from her blackouts to create this compelling story for us to listen to. As someone who is now two years sober, equipping myself with knowledge via other people’s experiences through sobriety memoirs was an essential part of my road to recovery. It helped me to understand why it was I drank, re-affirmed my decision to stop, as well as made me feel less alone in my decision in doing so. If you are looking to re-assess your drinking habits, listening to the experience of others is a great place to start. Bibliotherapy – a therapeutic approach to using books and other forms of literature alongside traditional therapies – has become an increasingly popular medium for self-improvement. Ever sworn off alcohol for January and found yourself drinking by the 7th?

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This is book is both a fascinating history of the formative years of AA, as well as the bitter-sweet tale of the troubled man Bill W. Barry L sober in speaking in 1968 on the topic of the 12 traditions.

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Dating and sex are two other realms that alcohol seems to go hand in hand with. But they’re both far better when we’re sober. Drinkers in a 2013 study in the UK sober living blog were found to have much less brain activity than non-drinkers. The hardest part might be social situations, many of which are in locations that serve alcohol.

books on tape living sober

You might go to a sober morning rave or invite your friends to an alcohol-free bar or restaurant. Oh, but what about the red wine studies, you say?

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